Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

Back in Auckland

I am back in Auckland! Same Hostel, same room, same bed, different people. The trip was easy, but had a bad ending. To make it short, I have to buy a new tire. Julia is arriving on Sunday, that's a very good thing! We will stay in Auckland for some days and then hit the road to wherever she wants to go! And I think I'm going to Burger King or McDonalds now and buy a banana milkshake, I feel like I deserved it.
See ya later!

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The title says all....

More People

First: Well, that's me I guess (a little twisted)
Second: Mr. Manuel Rösner
Third: Erik the Viking
Fourth: Alex the German


On demand of my brother, here you can see some people I'm hanging out with!
First: Shannon from the Frisbee team
Second: Kai
Third: Ernesto
Fourth: Elias (Sweden)
Fifth: Eric

Maraetotara Falls

We have finally made it to the waterfalls! After the waterfalls we went to Ocean Beach again, where we played some Frisbee and went swimming. The Maraetotara Falls are the waterfalls where you can jump off a tree which is like 6 metres above the water! I have been there with Eric, Ernesto (Mexican), Nils and Kai (guess where they're from). Look at this!
First: A sign
Second: The famous tree
Third: Pool at Maraetotara Falls
Fourth: Maraetotara Falls

Montag, 21. Dezember 2009

First night in my car

Tonight will be my first night in the car. Great! I have to get up at 5am and sleep on the passenger seat! Yeeha! -.- But I only pay 30$ until Friday.
I just wanted to tell you that.
I would love to read more comments, so write something please!

Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

New Gadget!

As you can see, I have added a new gadget to my blog. It's the map on right side, so everybody can check where I am in New Zealand! Click on the map and you will be directed to a bigger image of the map and many more maps of New Zealand with further information about New Zealand!
I hope the map is useful!

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009


I bought a car! Yes I did! It's a Subaru Legacy from 1995 for 2050$, which became 2400$ because of the auction and credit card fees.... The car is in a good condition, with four new wheels and a lot of horsepower (which I don't really need, but anyway....)! Thanks to my parents for giving me such a nice and useful gift for Christmas! I'm planning to sleep in the back of the car, so I will have to buy a sleeping bag and an air mattress. The trunk is not long enough for me, as I am - as you know - a tall guy, but I can cope with that. So here are some photos! Dan (a frisbee guy) just called me, he will pick me up in about half an hour, so I have to take a shower now! See you later!

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

Tangoio Scenic Reserve

Hey hey!
Here are some photos of our trip to the Tangoio Falls! You can walk through the forest on a path along a stream, bath in a waterfall pool at Te Ana Falls and have a look at the Tangoio Falls.
That was really nice! We did not walk through the White Pine Bush, though. I don't know why, I wanted to!
First: Pool at Te Ana Falls
Second: Te Ana Falls
Third: Random rocks beside the stream
Fourth: Erik (left) and Alex lost in the forest
Fifth: Tangoio Falls
Sixth: Random rocks beside the stream pt. 2

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

Working and comments

Hi folks!
Today at the Frisbee training Emily invited to me to her annual summer/Christmas/birthday party that is held every year (haha). That's cool! I'm looking forward to having some more "Kiwi contact", which is pretty hard to get when you're living in a hostel.
Anyways, the comments. Same reason and procedure as the last time.
The pretty blurry photo on which you can see the flat landscape is a photo of Hasings and close surroundings. The country gets really hilly when you get out of Hastings ^^
No the water is not warm, but I've been swimming nevertheless! You get used to the cold water pretty fast!
Okay, now some photos of the trees we've been working on (the small ones, 1$ per tree) and the tress we are working on at the moment (the big ones, 12$ per tree) The big ones suck!
On the other photo there are Micheal (a Korean guy) and me. He is not as tall as I am, I bent my knees... This photo was shot when we did bud rubbing the day after my birthday.
Alright, see you later!