Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

Working and comments

Hi folks!
Today at the Frisbee training Emily invited to me to her annual summer/Christmas/birthday party that is held every year (haha). That's cool! I'm looking forward to having some more "Kiwi contact", which is pretty hard to get when you're living in a hostel.
Anyways, the comments. Same reason and procedure as the last time.
The pretty blurry photo on which you can see the flat landscape is a photo of Hasings and close surroundings. The country gets really hilly when you get out of Hastings ^^
No the water is not warm, but I've been swimming nevertheless! You get used to the cold water pretty fast!
Okay, now some photos of the trees we've been working on (the small ones, 1$ per tree) and the tress we are working on at the moment (the big ones, 12$ per tree) The big ones suck!
On the other photo there are Micheal (a Korean guy) and me. He is not as tall as I am, I bent my knees... This photo was shot when we did bud rubbing the day after my birthday.
Alright, see you later!


  1. ohhh, das sieht wirklich ätzend aus mit den großen bäumen!wiiird =)
    interessantes hemd:)

  2. last photo looks funny... your knee-bending :D:D