Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Te Mata Peak

On saturday, me and Sofia and Daniel (Sweden) and Kaerie (Malaysia) were on the Te Mata peak. Te Mata peak is a peak near Havelock North, it is about 500 feet high (divide it by three and you've got metres). You have a nice view up there! I can give you an impression by uploading some more photos!

Kaikoura Beach

The weather was really good on sunday, so we decided to go to Kaikoura Beach. Nice waves, cold water and amazing scenery included! So here are some pictures of Kaikoura and some cloud formations we had the other day.

Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Arbeit Arbeit! Part 2

Hi guys!
I have finally found permanent work. I'm doing apple thinning for the second biggest company in NZ. The job sucks, we get paid per tree, that means we really have to hurry up if we want to earn good money. Anyways, it is work and I get paid for it.
The Outdoor Frisbee season has started in the Hawkes Bay and guess where they are training! In Hastings, not far away from my hostel! So I will play with them every Tuesday from 5.30pm till whenever. The training starts directly after my work so I wil probably be tired as shit, but I'm gonna do that! There is a beach Ultimate tournament (in fact it is the biggest beach Ultimate tournament in NZ) in Nelson this weekend, called Flat Out (Michi posted it as a comment, too), but I can't afford going to Nelson and the entry fee is quite expensive, it's 70 Dollars! It's sad that I can't go there....
Yeah, what else is there to tell you about? I had Fish'n'Chips today, was pretty good and cheap, 5.50 Dollars. We wanted to go to a waterfall after work, but the driver of the car was afraid of sandflies, so we didn't. I don't know what we are doing tonight, probably we'll be hanging around at the hoste and have some beers.
Alrighty, that's it for today. Maybe I will upload photos next time, it takes bloody long...

Samstag, 21. November 2009

Hastings/Sleeping Giant Backpackers

Some photos of Hastings and the Sleeping Giant Backpackers
First: Heretaunga Street
Second: Davis Street
Third: The Sleeping Giant Backpackers
Fourth: My bed (the upper)
Fifth: Dining/Living Room


First of all I want to thank you guys for your gratulations! Thanks a lot!
We had a really good BBQ last night, with a Happy Birthday song in five different languages at the same time (German, Swedish, Malaysian, Spanish and French), which was very cool! The weather was also really good yesterday, but somehow I did not do anything than hanging around at the hostel... Since I went to work today I did not get too drunk, too, but it was a nice party anyway! That must sound like a pretty boring birthday to you and actually that is what it was! :D Anyway, I'm twenty now and that's the thing that matters in the end. (Yeah, whatever...)

The work today was hard and exhausting, except for the first part. We were on a grapevine field and did some wire pulling and bud rubbing. It's too hard to explain what we did exactly, so we'll just leave it like that.

I'm gonna upload some photos now!

Donnerstag, 19. November 2009


Today is the first anniversary of my 19. birthday, which means I'm turning 20, so we are having a BBQ! I will upload photos later, together with some photos of Hastings, the Ocean Beach and whatever!
See you soon

Sonntag, 15. November 2009


Since I am in a very international hostel, I have learned a lot of words for "Prost" and I thought that would be interesting to read. So I will try to write them down for you, but I'm not sure how they are spelled correctly, so I will just write them down how they sound like in German, or at least that's what I understood when they were said to me...
Here we go:

Skol! - Swedish
Sonté! - French
Kampai! - Japanese
Kampee! - Korean
Salut! - Spanish
Weri wea! - Samoa
Cheers! - English

Interesting, isn't it?

Here is the webadress of Nils' blog:
Very interesting and funny, too, and a lot more photos!

See you soon!


Hi guys!
Somehow I cannot post comments, so here are the answers to two of your comments!
The first one to Falco's comment on 14.11.:
Yes, Devonport is a part of Auckland. It's an old harbour village, we went there by ferry. And yes, there is ebb and flood. Actually I don't know exactly, but it looks like it ^^
Soon I will post some photos of Hastings and my hostel.

Alright, the second answer goes to the very awkward comment from an anonymous writer, I don't know when he (or she?) posted that comment:
Were you drunk?

So, there are answers!

Freitag, 13. November 2009


So jetzt gibts mal Bilder von Devonport!
And that's it, for now!

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

Arbeit Arbeit!

Moin moin!
Heute habe ich zum ersten Mal gearbeitet! Hey hey hooray! Ich zusammen mit ungef. 10 anderen Leuten über ein Zwiebelfeld gelatscht und habe Asparagus ausgerissen. Asparagus ist grüner Spargel, den die da nicht auf ihrem Zwiebelfeld haben wollen. Es awr ganz schön anstrengend und nervig auf die Dauer, dafür haben wir 13 Dollar in der Stunde gekriegt. Wir haben ungefähr 8 Stunden gearbeitet, rechnet euch selbst aus wieviel ads ist und zieht 22% Steuern ab. Soviel habe ich heute verdient ^^ Anscheinend können wir das morgen auch wieder machen, nur wahrscheinlich nicht so lange. Meine Hände sind ein wenig angeschwollen und tun weh, wenn ich eine Faust machen will, vom vielen fest Zugreifen und Ziehen :D
Wir haben heute Pancakes mit Ahornsirup gegessen, war lecker.
Morgen schließe ich dann mal meine Kamera an, dann gibts Bilder von der Busfahrt, wenn di nicht viel zu verschwommen sind...
Ich bin draußen wie Camping!

And now in English!
Today I worked the first time in Newzealand. Hey hey hooray! Together with around ten other guys I walked over an onionfield pulling green Asparagus out of the ground, which they do not want on their onionfield. It was quite exhausting and annoying, on the long run, but we earned 13 Dollars per hour. We have worked for about eight hours today, figure it out yourself, subtract 22% of taxes and that is how much I have earned today. It seems as if we can do that again tomorrow, but probably not as long as today. My hands are a bit swollen and are aching when I'm making a fist from all the heavy gripping and pulling :D
We ate pancakes with maple syrup today, yummy!
Tomorrow I will connect my camera to this computer to load up some more photos of the journey, if theyare not to blurry.
And I'm out!

Montag, 9. November 2009


So I finally made my way out of Auckland and straight to Hastings. On the journey I saw a bit of the landscape of Newzealand, it's amazing! It almost looks like in the movie Lord of the Rings!Has anyone seen that movie?
If you are wondering why I am suddenly writing in English, it's because my mother asked me to...
The weather is bad so the season to pick apples or to do whatever fruit-reletated job there is around Hastings will start later, approximately in one week. That sucks.
Hastings is a pretty boring town, at least that is my first impression. We'll see if that impression is right!
Come back to read more (maybe in English, maybe in German or even Swedish! And in colours!)

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Der Trip zum Strand wurde abgesagt, weil zu schlechtes Wetter war -.- Dafuer war ich gestern mit Karl in Devonport und auf dem Mount Victoria. Habe auch Bilder gemacht (geile Aussicht!), aber die kann ich gerade nicht hochladen...
Morgen fahre ich mit Nils nach Hastings in der Hawke's Bay an der East Coast, dort gibt es ein Hostel, das einen zum arbeiten vermittelt und im Moment werden da ne Menge Leute gebraucht, weil jetzt die Apfelsaison losgeht. Ich werde also bald Aepfel pfluecken, oder Apfelbaeume beschneiden oder irgendwie sowas, ist auch egal, hauptsache Arbeit....
Gut, das wars dann mal wieder, melde mich dann wenn ich in Hastings bin!

Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

Washing session

Gestern waren wir waschen im Waschsalon und aus langer Weile habe ich ein paar Fotos geschossen. Die koennt ihr euch jetzt hier ansehen.

Karl in action
Nils am lesen
Selbstportraet die 2.
Karl the thirsty dog

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Reporting in!

Moin moin!
Wollte euch mal wieder was zu lesen geben, obwohl es eigentlich nicht viel zu berichten gibt.
Nils und ich gehen morgen zu einer Bar, wo wir evtl. als Tellerwaescher arbeiten koennen (kein toller Job, aber besser als garnichts). Job maessig gibt es auch nichts neues, nichts in Aussicht ausser der Tellerwaescher-Sache. Ist garnicht so einfach, einen Job zu finden.
Ausserdem wird immer Donnerstags ein Trip zur Mission Bay for free angeboten, dort gibt es dann ein BBQ und vor allem einen Strand und Wasser. Da will ich eigentlich mal mitfahren, das klingt cool :)
Ja gut, wie gesagt, viel zu berichten gibt es nicht, also machts gut, bis demnaechst!

Sonntag, 1. November 2009

Sky Tower

So, der Sky Tower, ueber 300m hoch!

Irish Pub

Am Freitag waren wir in einem Irish Pub, der heisst hier aber Irish Bar....macht auch nichts.

Coxs Bay Reserve

Hier also Bilder vom Coxs Bay Reserve, wo ich Frisbee gespielt habe. Okay, ein Bild ist ein wenig verdreht....

Erste Bilder

Hier endlich mal Bilder. Das ist Auckland vom Mount Eden aus gesehen. Der Mount Eden ist ein Vulkan, von denen gibt es eine ganze Menge in Auckland. Generell ist die Stadt sehr bergig, staendig bergauf und bergab und ziemlich steil ist es auch!

Gleich gibts mehr!