Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Cape Kidnappers 2

Cape Kidnappers

Hi there!

I went to Cape Kidnappers with Erick last friday. We walked on the shore for 2 hours each way, but it was very beautiful and totally worth it! Cliffs and the sea and rocks and Gannets (you will see on the photos what Gannets are ;-)) and sun... it was nice!

Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

The famous waterfalls again! From left to right: Regis (France), Javier and Damian (Argentina) and me. The other photo shows where you jump off the tree and the swing.
This is my left arm with a lot of scratches I get from pear picking. The trees really don't like me. Yesterday after 15 minutes of working I looked like I had taken a shower wearing my clothes. Bloody rain that makes the trees wet!!
In the row next to me worked a Maori guy whose very great grandfather emigrated from Germany to New Zealand and married a Maori woman. That guy hes done fruit picking for 11 years! He's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!! But I was only one bin behind him the day before and it was my third day! HAHAHAHA! But there was now work today and it doesn't look good for tomorrow, either.....

A Street-Art piece found in Auckland and Auckland's blurry skyline at night.
This is on a camping ground near Taupo at the river whateveritsnameis. It was free!
That day on our way from Napier to Taupo, we went out of gas and had to pay 40$ for 10 litres at some restaurant. Then, some time later the fanbelt (a belt for the power steering and it's somehow connected with the battery) ripped. We stopped at a car parking spot next to the road and met a Maori family, who drove with us to Taupo to see if we are alright and they showed us a mechanic. Nice people! We had the fanbelt replaced and that was 82$. The next morning the car locked itself with the keys inside. We called a mechanic - I had to ask somebody for a mobile phone and found a woman from Berlin, who lives in New Zealand for several years, with her family and her daughter gave me her mobile - from Taupo and that was another 65$.

So the first three pictures were made from our bed in the back of the car and the fourth shows a duck. There were heaps of ducks!

Hi folks!
I still haven't uploaded all photos of my trip with Nils and Jule.
Here are some photos of the place where we stayed the first night in the Coromandel Peninsula.
The next morning, we got a warning from the Thames District Council not to stay overnight on parking spots next to the road. Guess where we slept the next night.

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Hello again!

I was a lazy blogger the last weeks, I`m sorry...

Anyways, I`m picking Pears near Hastings now, before that I picked Peaches and Nectarines. The Pear picking is on contract, so I have to be really fast in order to make money. I get 30$ per bin, which is about, I don`t know, maybe 500kg. Sounds hard and is hard.

The last few days we had really nice weather, so we went to Ocean Beach on Saturday and Sunday. Nice waves and everything.

I`m planning to hit road at the end of February again. I want to go to the "Craters of the moon" near Taupo and see what that is, then I want to go to the "Lost Highway", just beacause it sounds cool. It`s a 130km long highway, that it kind of lost, that means there are no petrol stations, no towns, no nothing. Then I`m going to the South Island with stopovers in Palmerston North (on a Monday!) to play Frisbee in their "competitive social Ultimate Frisbee pickup" and Wellington. The first thing I want to do on the South Island is going to Abel Tasman National Park and hire a kayak. Cross your fingers that I can earn enough money till the end of February! If I can`t, I will get money from my savings account in Germany...

That`s it for today, maybe I will upload some more pictures in the next days, so come back to see them!