Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009


I bought a car! Yes I did! It's a Subaru Legacy from 1995 for 2050$, which became 2400$ because of the auction and credit card fees.... The car is in a good condition, with four new wheels and a lot of horsepower (which I don't really need, but anyway....)! Thanks to my parents for giving me such a nice and useful gift for Christmas! I'm planning to sleep in the back of the car, so I will have to buy a sleeping bag and an air mattress. The trunk is not long enough for me, as I am - as you know - a tall guy, but I can cope with that. So here are some photos! Dan (a frisbee guy) just called me, he will pick me up in about half an hour, so I have to take a shower now! See you later!


  1. gratulation to your first own car, dude :D! is there a good sound on its' radio, do you have a cd-player in it??

  2. yip, cd player, but the best thing is the aux-in, so i can play my mp3-player on the car's stereo system! and the sound is pretty good, too!