Montag, 29. März 2010

Nationals and Dolphin Swimming Review

Hi there!
I had a lot of fun playing in the Nationals with Nude Dude (Nelson Ultimate Disc Experience and Dunedin Ultimate Disc Experience), although I did not play very good. I dropped a lot of easy and important passes and I wound up myself in this mentally... But I made a spectular dive after I ran over the half court! Hell yeah! Now I have a scratch on my shoulder and my hip. We made the 5th out 6 place, which is good for a team that never played together and was looking forward to the tournament for about one week! The first place was Magons from Auckland, second was Christchurch 1 or Whisky Tango, then the Wellington Sluts (or Lasers), fourth was Bookaki from Christchurch, then the Nude Dude, then Christchurch 2. I'm not sure about the women's results, but I think Wellington made the first place. The party had the theme "The Pants Party", so I wore my boxers over my jeans. One jug of beer was only 4$, that's a REAAAAALLY good deal! I stayed at the house of the parents of one player from Dunedin, who wasn't even with us! The parents were very nice people. They offered us dinner, breakfast and coffee and they gave us a bed, of course. No, not one bed, one bed each!
Today I was in the Banks Peninsula to swim with Dolphins. The Akaroa Harbour is the natural habitat of the world's smallest and rarest Dolphin, the Hector's Dolphin, that can only be found off the East Coast of New Zealand. We were a group of ten people on the boat. When we saw some dolphins, we went into the water and they came pretty close to us, but did not stat very long at all, they only swam through our group very fast. Then we went out of the water to try and find more dolphins and we spotted some, but did not go back into the water. Because of this unsatisfying trip, the company gave us a refund of 50$, which I gladly spent on an Indian meal in Christchurch. Not completely, of course, it was 15,50$ only! I had lamb Vindaloo (hot) and Chicken Mango with rice, a Naan (Indian bread) and a mango lassi (mango and yoghurt drink). After that I had another cheese Naan, because I was still hungry...and I am still a little bit hungry!
Tomorrow morning, after I took a shower at the airport, which is for free, I'm going to Kaikoura!
Alright, have a nice day!


  1. hell yeah!! dive it!! :D

    nice to read so much about your experiences... and eating is better than swiming with some fish anyway!!

  2. Delicious!!!
    Indian meals are always tasty! :)
    now I'm hungry -.-

    I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon :)