Dienstag, 23. März 2010

Open and Women's Ultimate Frisbee Nationals 2010 in Christchurch

As some of you have already heard, I'm playing in Nelson/Dunedin's Open team in the New Zealand Nationals! Sweet as, bro! Nelson and Dunedin are forming a team together because one guy from Nelson (Dean) studied in Dunedin and they don't have enough players in each city who want to play the tournament. I played Frisbee in Nelson and they asked me if I wanted to join their team for the Nationals and I said that I did not know where I'd be when the tournament goes off, which is this weekend. Stupid me, why didn't I just say "Of course I'll be there, that's great!!!"?!? Later that evening they convinced me to play with them. Since I'm staying in Dunedin at the moment, I played with their team on Sunday and today, and yeah, I'm in!
The tournament fee is 45$ + a lunch option for 10$, which I paid as well. The tournament is held at Nunweek Park in Christchurch, if anybody is interested in googling it!
Tomorrow we will probably go hiking again with two girls (from Canada and Germany) who are staying in our hostel. This hostel is reeeaaaally laid back, the only people who are "managing" the hostel are the two girls and one guy from England. The owner never shows up. It's very quiet and relaxing.
We are leaving Dunedin on Thursday and go to Christchurch with a stopover in Omaru.
Alright, that's about it for now.

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