Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Hello again!

I was a lazy blogger the last weeks, I`m sorry...

Anyways, I`m picking Pears near Hastings now, before that I picked Peaches and Nectarines. The Pear picking is on contract, so I have to be really fast in order to make money. I get 30$ per bin, which is about, I don`t know, maybe 500kg. Sounds hard and is hard.

The last few days we had really nice weather, so we went to Ocean Beach on Saturday and Sunday. Nice waves and everything.

I`m planning to hit road at the end of February again. I want to go to the "Craters of the moon" near Taupo and see what that is, then I want to go to the "Lost Highway", just beacause it sounds cool. It`s a 130km long highway, that it kind of lost, that means there are no petrol stations, no towns, no nothing. Then I`m going to the South Island with stopovers in Palmerston North (on a Monday!) to play Frisbee in their "competitive social Ultimate Frisbee pickup" and Wellington. The first thing I want to do on the South Island is going to Abel Tasman National Park and hire a kayak. Cross your fingers that I can earn enough money till the end of February! If I can`t, I will get money from my savings account in Germany...

That`s it for today, maybe I will upload some more pictures in the next days, so come back to see them!


  1. juhu, you're back, blogging again... good job!

    i wrote some more comments, too, just for you, bro!

  2. just two more weeks, baby :) ;)