Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

This is my left arm with a lot of scratches I get from pear picking. The trees really don't like me. Yesterday after 15 minutes of working I looked like I had taken a shower wearing my clothes. Bloody rain that makes the trees wet!!
In the row next to me worked a Maori guy whose very great grandfather emigrated from Germany to New Zealand and married a Maori woman. That guy hes done fruit picking for 11 years! He's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!! But I was only one bin behind him the day before and it was my third day! HAHAHAHA! But there was now work today and it doesn't look good for tomorrow, either.....


  1. :( ich puste alles gesund.....also wenn du ne leichte briese spührst, weißte bescheid ;)

  2. pah, i think you can easily handle tiny scratches like these, you're a tough guy !!

  3. yeah scratches are no problem, but rain is really slowing me down :D