Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

This is on a camping ground near Taupo at the river whateveritsnameis. It was free!
That day on our way from Napier to Taupo, we went out of gas and had to pay 40$ for 10 litres at some restaurant. Then, some time later the fanbelt (a belt for the power steering and it's somehow connected with the battery) ripped. We stopped at a car parking spot next to the road and met a Maori family, who drove with us to Taupo to see if we are alright and they showed us a mechanic. Nice people! We had the fanbelt replaced and that was 82$. The next morning the car locked itself with the keys inside. We called a mechanic - I had to ask somebody for a mobile phone and found a woman from Berlin, who lives in New Zealand for several years, with her family and her daughter gave me her mobile - from Taupo and that was another 65$.

So the first three pictures were made from our bed in the back of the car and the fourth shows a duck. There were heaps of ducks!


  1. Dortchen :)
    oh my god, it was so terrible :D do you remember how sad i was? :D

  2. yes, i do remember.... poor sweetheart :*:*:*

  3. hihi, you´ve got strong nerves xD :* :)