Montag, 9. November 2009


So I finally made my way out of Auckland and straight to Hastings. On the journey I saw a bit of the landscape of Newzealand, it's amazing! It almost looks like in the movie Lord of the Rings!Has anyone seen that movie?
If you are wondering why I am suddenly writing in English, it's because my mother asked me to...
The weather is bad so the season to pick apples or to do whatever fruit-reletated job there is around Hastings will start later, approximately in one week. That sucks.
Hastings is a pretty boring town, at least that is my first impression. We'll see if that impression is right!
Come back to read more (maybe in English, maybe in German or even Swedish! And in colours!)


  1. englisch schreiben steht ihnen ausgesprochen gut, mein lieber herr =)

  2. so you would highly disappointed, if we are still answering in english ? ^^
    you have to search for a nice place or room or whatever to hangout in such boring times, but I know you prefer working at the moment, so let me wish you good luck that you get started with that soon .. before you get bored to death-.- sometimes thats the situation out here, at least